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How To Write A Letter Correctly

You play a team sport with some friends. Last week a member of the team had an accident and wasn't able to play with you at the weekend. You decide to write to him in hospital, telling him about the match.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

- tell him which team won
- describe the conditions on the day
- say how you felt about the match

Dear Martin,

Hope you are recovering from the injures . We feel very bad for not being with you at hospital.

I have a good news for you, Our Team won the Cricket match, hurry.As a main batman of our team you are incomparable and reliable. Most of our members accept that you hardwark and passion is something that motivate every one in the team. Unfortunately we missed your presence on this match. Through this match our team got a chance to participate in upcoming finals and that what we dreamed for.

I know you will be excited to know about the match. Best thing about the match was the weather, It was perfectly fine for the match. From the Tossing opposite Team got their batting first. Our target score were 578 and by the end by losing 5 wickets we got 579.Even though the match was tough at starting it become smooth at the ending.

We are eager to see you again, awaiting for your Prayers are always with you. Get well soon, take care.

Yours Sincerely

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