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Important Tips On IELTS Listening Practice Lessons

Lesson 1: IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Tips

In this lesson, learn some tips on how to improve your listening skills for multiple choice type questions.

Lesson 2: IELTS Listening Distractors

In this lesson we learn more about a common way that you are tricked into writing the wrong answer. Learn about this so you can avoid the mistake.

Lesson 3: IELTS Listening Map Labelling

Here you can learn more about how to label a map, a task that sometimes comes up in Section Two of the test. Learn about the language of location and other top tips to score well. 

Lesson 4: IELTS Signposting Language for Section 4

Section 4 is the most difficult part of the listening test. Learn useful signposting language to improve your score for this section.

Lesson 5: IELTS Pre-Listening Activities - Predicting the Answer

Predicting what you are going to hear is a really important skill that can help improve your listening and increase your score.

Lesson 6: IELTS Listening Sentence Completion Strategies

In this IELTS listening practice you will learn some strategies to deal with sentence completion questions.

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