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IELTS Reading Introduction and Tips!

Hi There! IELTS Reading Exam tests your ability to read, understand and write English. This is the second module in IELTS Exam that has 9 IELTS Bands. Candidates score from this module as per their varying IELTS requirement. IELTS Reading is an essential module for both Academic and General Training candidates, however, the difference between the two will be explained in our next blog.

Moving on to the preparation part, candidates need to know thorough understanding of IELTS Reading module. So let’s get started with our today’s blog on IELTS Reading Introduction and Tips:
Total Time to Attend IELTS Reading for GT is 60 minutes.

Number of questions you are going to answer are 40 which are further divided into 3 types consist of passages and questions.

IELTS Reading Test has 4 sections and each section is a combination of different questions such as TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN, fill in the blanks, matching titles, summary completion and so on.

Sections 1:

This is the one of the easiest sections out of three sections which contains questions to test your general IQ. Type of questions it includes is based on the Advertisements:

Topics for these advertisements are as following:

  • Hotel & Restaurants
  • Club Memberships & Facilities
  • Educational Course
  • Sports Centers & Amenity Centers
  • Finding Accommodations

Let us understand it with the help of an example:
Amusement Park Entry

Example: Show your discount ticket to enter inside park valid for all water games or you will have to pay the full amount as applicable from the May 1st of this Month.

Answer Options are:
A. All people can enjoy all water games
B. People with discount ticket can enjoy all water games
C. Discount members get limited discount over the water games.

Let us read the passage again to find the correct answers. Now, the correct answer is B. (read the paragraph and answers loudly once again for clarity.)

Section 2:

Section 2 generally includes the passages and questions based on:

  • Pay Schemes
  • Work Conditions
  • Instructions
  • Memos

To understand this with the help of an example, let us read the paragraph below:
Security Guidelines

It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain high level security at the work place. Employees should immediately challenge a person who appears on the premises without proper authorization or must inform human resources department or a senior member in the premises about such unusual activity.

Now, fill in the blank after reading this paragraph:
If you see anybody suspicious in the office, you must inform ________ authority.
Correct Answer is Senior

Now let us move on the Section 3.

Section 3:

This section generally has the lengthy passages which are based on:

  • Matching Titles
  • Finding Headlines
  • Sentence Completion
  • Summary Completion
  • Flow Chart/ Table/ Diagram Completion
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Short Answers

Check out the video below for an interactive understanding of IELTS Reading Module:

IELTS Reading Tips:
Always right your answers in answer sheet because you will not get any extra time to transfer your answers.

Always look for the keywords in the lengthy passages to save your time and find answers quickly.
Do not leave any question or fill in the blank unanswered.

This is all about today’s blog. Please leave your comments in the comment box below and let us know your feedback on this blog and also send us your questions, queries and topics you want us to post IELTS updates.

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